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Reimagine how software gets done

Plant an App, the most sophisticated low-code platform

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$ 0 per app
per month

Instantly start your learning journey with Plant an App low code development platform
  • Unlimited Builders
  • Build web apps fast
  • Design robust and clean SQL data repositories
  • Run Complex Workflows
  • Configurable Search Engine
  • Scripting
  • Community Support


$ 195 per app
per month

Build basic Plant an App applications for core users with community-based support
  • Up to 10 users
  • Add-ons and Connectors
  • Security Roles
  • Automation
  • Automated Backups


$ 640 per app
per month

Create powerful custom apps for unlimited users with advanced features & controls within a single environment
  • Unlimited users
  • Custom Branding
  • Granular Permissions
  • Git Version Control
  • Dedicated Cloud Resources
  • Agent Based Support


$ 2180 Starting

Accelerate digital transformation by developing enterprise apps with full support
  • Unlimited Users
  • Multi-environment
  • Dedicated Technical Success Manager
  • Self Hosted & Perpetual Licensing Options
  • Custom SSO Integration
  • Priority SLA Support
  • Custom features prioritization
  • Enterprise Wide Search Engine

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

US Navy
Government of Bermuda
University of Strathclyde
Lee's Summit Missouri
Vail Health
Washoe County Nevada
Eagle Valley Behavioral
Biophysical Society
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
University of Idado
Mary Kay
CEO Clubs

The world’s top innovators use Plant an App to build external facing portals, intranets, internal tools, or headless systems. Our Customers ➤

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Plant an App & what do they do?

Plant an App is a powerful low-code development platform that is a simplified way of developing that involves little to no coding without compromising customizations and integrations. This includes four levels of software development and hundreds of pre-built tools to accelerate your team's efforts. The flexibility of Plant an App’s platform also allows for real-time collaboration during the development process. Citizen developers and business users can work on the same platform simultaneously, while API management assists in organising your different projects in one place.

Is Plant an App the right platform for me?

There are many reasons why Plant an App would be good for you. If your organisation has multiple decoupled systems or legacy apps, then our software can help modernize and bring those together. With the lack of IT talent the world is facing, Plant an App’s software can support your current team on delivering software solutions faster. 

Does it replace developers?

No, Plant an App involves developers from day 1. Low-code and no-code platforms will likely never replace traditional development fully. For simple apps, yes. But when you’re looking to build anything a little more complex, you will need developer input. In fact, developers armed with a platform like Plant an App, will be able to deliver powerful products faster. Low-Code will always have a place for developers. A powerful low-code tool like Plant an App allows developers to create powerful integrations between systems that non-developers can then use to create the remaining 95% of the application on their own. 

What deployments options are there?

Plant an App has flexible deployment. We have hosted options and we allow Plant an App to be hosted directly by the customer on their own equipment or a cloud hosting provider of their choice and anything in between.

How far can I go with Plant an App?

Whether you are a Business user or a Software Engineer, the sky's the limit. Plant an App gives users the ability to spin up and deploy simple applications in days. In the instance you have a more technical team in place, they will be able to create incredibly complex and powerful applications.

How can the platform be extended?

We have a large number of integrations and add-ons which easily and seamlessly connect your data to Plant an Apps powerful tools. From Github to Salesforce and proprietary systems, Plant an App has an integration or an API or a database query easily accessible to work with your needs.

Who in my organization can build systems with Plant an App?

There is a new term being created for the typical users of a low-code tool. A Citizen Developer is someone who is a business technologist creating applications outside of the IT team. Without low-code these applications often involve a spreadsheet or constant requests for updates and syncing of systems with the IT team. A citizen developer can use the built in tools to easily create powerful dashboards and data creation front ends.

What makes Plant an App better than other low-code platforms?

Unlike conventional low-code platforms which can limit developer teams. Plant an App is designed to have no restrictions, whilst assisting your team with building repetitive features 20x quicker. If custom coding is required for your project that's no problem.

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Still not convinced?

We are used to the skepticism around low-code. With the sophistication that Plant an App has, we have the means to turn you into a believer.

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