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Digital Transformation 2.0

Accelerating enterprise digital transformation by increasing involvement and minimizing friction of all those engaged in technology initiatives

The New Generation of Low-Code

Digital Transformation has been a key pillar of IT in recent years. The phenomenon has matured immensely, as we are seeing more Digital Transformation leaders that employ proven processes for their teams, aided by new technology. Low-Code is at the forefront of Digital Transformation and Plant an App is one of the leading platforms in the 2nd Generation of Low-Code

Real-time Collaboration

Reducing friction and feedback loops between traditional IT, citizen developers and business users working on the same platform, at the same time, with instant changes and even without requiring documentation

Accelerate Time-To-Value

A robust suite of Low-Code & NoCode capabilities that allow teams to build fast and launch immediately. Plant an App is the only low-code platform that allows instant deployment of custom code, so even hardcore developers are finally fans of low-code

Enabling True Agile

Cross-functional teams can work together on building working software prototypes, bypassing documentation, excel and mock-ups. Scaling up towards market ready MVP and enterprise-level roll-outs is just a matter of weeks or even days

For current Digital Transformation Challenges

Delivering Better Software Solutions, Faster

From idea to working prototype to MVP to full product launch. Seize market opportunities with amazing delivery times, adapt to ever changing market conditions, and reduce costs and friction with custom development.

Modernizing Legacy Systems

App by app or entire systems at a time, helping everyone embrace a new era of non-stop innovation. Proper modernization leads to increased user adoption, extending with new functionality and reduced maintenance costs.

Automate Manual Tasks

Low-Code offers both the apps to host the processes and the means to automate them, leading to increased employee efficiency, improved customer experience, and capability of scaling business operations.

Integrate Decoupled Systems

Included within Plant an App is the full capability of a robust Integration Platform (iPaas). Streamline data flow, improve data integrity, improve data context.

Reporting & Dashboards

Real-time dashboards to Identify Issues. Insights, predictions, alerts along with historical Audits & Analysis.

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Wherever you are on your Digital Transformation Journey, we can accelerate it together.

For Enterprise Applications

Internal Business Applications

Plant an App shines in Data-related apps and complex processes and workflow automation - especially with the initiatives sitting on your backlog that IT never gets to prioritize. Build and integrate systems for Operations, HR, Finance, Sales, Procurement and all other core organization processes, even company-wide platforms such as Intranets.

Customer Facing Apps

Build anything from complex marketing portals to simple simple interaction experiences faster than any off-the-shelf platform. Onboarding Flows, Customer Portals, Lead Generation Systems, Email, SMS and other forms of Direct Marketing are all ready to configure and easy to integrate into any customer initiative.

Innovation Initiatives

Plant an App enables people from both sides of IT, technical and non-technical, to come together and create new systems quickly, with rapid prototyping capabilities at very stage. This ensures that any software roll-out process, from ideation, to mock-ups, to testing, to market launch is all accompanied by Fully-functional, working software. API management also helps you orchestrate and prioritize and keep track of all your projects in one place.

Clients that have embraced Digital Transformation


We know, there's a lot you can do with the platform. But whatever your journey, whether it's that of becoming a partner, using the platform in your team, or just needing to accelerate your digital transformation, we're with you all along.

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