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Association Management

A complex CRM including Membership, Events and Marketing capabilities and features. CEO Clubs were able to reduce operational costs and increase the number of members from 200 to 600 by replacing manual spreadsheet based processes with a Plant an App portal. Biophysical Society were able to replace 5 legacy systems (membership, events, grants, awards, and finances) with a single portal, which greatly improved onboarding and member experience.

United States Parachute Association, Biophysical Society, CEO Clubs
  • Membership Management
    • Handle advanced membership plans, billing, discounts, invoicing, access management, notifications
  • Event Management with ERP features
    • Schedule events and track everything, from multiple ticket types to costs, sponsors, attendance and more
  • Specific Features
    • Each association is different. The specific features can be quickly deployed through low-code, and can cover promotions & discounts, grant management, fundraising, elections and so on
  • Full API integration with mobile app and corporate website
Association Management on desktop

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The speed of low-code without compromising power & flexibility of custom coding.

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