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Plant an App - at the forefront of change

At Plant an App we are on a mission: democratizing application development. In a world that is in the midst of a digital transition, we need to combine knowledge and skills. Combining insights from business users with experience of developers. We need to close the gap between the people creating software and the ones using it. And we provide the tools to make this a reality.

Plant an App closes the gap between business users and professional developers

Problem Solving Low-Code

From emerging businesses to governmental teams, Plant an App is trusted by organisations of all sizes.

With a high degree of customization & connectivity, our flexible low-code platform has been used to create customer portals, design paperless processes, & solve a range of specific business needs. Whether you’re a business user or a developer, you can leverage visual tools & powerful logic to build customer-centric applications in record time.

Find what works for you

Low-code & no-code: all on one platform

Don’t choose between low-code & no code – take advantage of both. Plant an App’s hybrid platform is the ideal solution for organisations looking to stay agile. No-code tools alleviate the reliance on IT professionals, while low-code’s functionality
& integration offers greater potential for customisation. That makes for one
powerful partnership!

Empowering Developers

We eat our own dog food

Being developers ourselves, we value the importance of code. Plant an App sets itself apart from other low-code & no-code platforms by giving developers the freedom they desire. It’s easy to plug-in your own custom code & integrate fully with wider digital ecosystems. An array of programming languages & API tools are supported, keeping developers close to industry standards. As much as we love code, we also realise that not every line of code is equal. Pre-built modules & low-code automation removes the repetition of time consuming, routine tasks, letting developers spend more time on the code that differentiates their MVP. Rather than limiting developers, Plant an App empowers them to meet tight design sprints & tough turnarounds – always on their terms.

Community Driven

Our philosophy is to empower real people to create applications that solve real problems.

We are only as good as our ever-growing community, who we continue to engage with & provide regularly updated resources. This includes an expansive library of templates & pre-built tools, along with our Low-Code Academy, where you can learn & perfect everything low-code. You can also expect to receive continued support from our friendly low-code specialists, ensuring that you realise your digital goals.

“Out of all the ways of creating data-driven digital experiences, this is the most straightforward, approachable way of doing it. Moreover, it creates a structure that is flexible, extensible – there is no constraint to doing further development.”

Jim Everett, Development and Innovation, University of Strathclyde

The Plant an App low code development platform has allowed my three developers to deliver sophisticated applications within the first several weeks of using the platform.”

David Wellman, Senior Manager Portal, Government of Bermuda

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

US Navy
Government of Bermuda
University of Strathclyde
Lee's Summit Missouri
Vail Health
Washoe County Nevada
Eagle Valley Behavioral
Biophysical Society
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
University of Idado
Mary Kay
CEO Clubs

The world’s top innovators use Plant an App to build external facing portals, intranets, internal tools, or headless systems. Our Customers ➤

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