How Low-code Directly Improved the Mental Health of Eagle River Valley Community

Vail Health Case Study follows the story of a hospital's subsidiary in the Colorado high country and how it assisted in making a difference when it comes to mental health. This is an example of how low-code technologies can have a real impact on people’s well-being by providing solutions to mental and behavioral health services.


As a nonprofit organization, Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, an outreach of Vail Health, was tasked to develop a new system that would assist in matching mental health providers with patients seeking professional help. Moving away from a static process and into an assisted platform leveraging technology for both the providers and patients.  

A major initiative of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health is to expand capacity and access for mental and behavioral health services, and they needed a platform that could deliver these requirements. In addition, the organization was looking for a scalable solution that would allow for quick expansion and easy onboarding for additional communities in the future.  

Having nearly 20 years of web development and IT project management experience, Mike Richards, the IT Data Systems Director of Eagle Valley Behavioral Health, wanted to ensure that a system was designed on a platform that met both the short- and long-term technological goals of the organization.  


The collaboration between Plant an App and Eagle Valley Behavioral Health occurred organically when Mike met Bogdan Litescu (CEO of Plant an App) at an IT conference. Impressed by the Plant an App technologies, Mike pursued the team with development questions and a vetting process.  

Key requirements of this collaboration included:

•    Working with a team that is dedicated to their market solutions now and well into the future.

•    Working with a team that understood the importance of the organization’s deadlines, expectations, and the overall “big picture” goals.

•    Working with a team that could meet exceptionally high-security requirements and protocols.  

The result was a very open development environment where all points of view and suggestions were commonly discussed and agreed upon for the best solution and result possible.  

‘’The team members at Plant an App are all highly dependable and talented developers. They understand that the rapid application development environment (low-code) overall is evolving quickly, and they are at the forefront of industry-wide low-code solutions. What this means for our organization and projects is that we have the ability to adapt and change quickly on our major IT development projects. This saves time, money and gets our solutions to the community much faster,’’ said Mike.

What did it involve?

One core requirement clearly stated from the project kick-off was that the proposed solution had to be secure and HIPAA compliant.

Implemented features:


Event solutions

CRM space

Complete provider management tool

EAP system

In terms of financial investment, compared to traditional development, using Plant an App technologies not only saved a lot of time, but it created the space to bring the final solution to community partners quickly.

The final result was a very sophisticated management platform involving 10 intense weeks of work overall.

EAP Use Case

Specifically, Vail Health needed an application that could manage:
-Provider registration and vetting
-Patient registration
-Provider matching
-Invoicing for provider reimbursement.

This video goes through the whole process of building an EAP that checked all of the above using Plant an App. 


Development time: cut in half (10 intense weeks)

Lag time drastically reduced: the requested changes were done in less than a day

Great satisfaction rate: high adoption & engagement rate coming from the community

Real measurable impact: getting people to value their mental health as much as they value their physical health.

High demand for contribution: initially 20-30 people showed significant interest in contributing to this, a number growing in time.