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Low-code for developers

High Building

More speed, more control, shorter backlog

We have a vision where low-code does a lot of the heavy lifting for developers. Where business users can take part in digital transformation under the governance of IT. Plant an App is built from the ground up with security, development and extensibility in mind. We did not hold back when we realized that our game changing low-code platform should be able to be the heart but also the hub of your architecture.

All the web application building features, in one place, nicely integrated.

You don't need to be a developer

All the features packed in a comprehensive UI, working seemlessly together. Create applications with confidence with amazing speed.

All the web application building features,in one place, nicely integrated.

UI Building Capabilities

Plant an App comes with a rich set of highly customizable UI components to handle everything from data entry to advanced BI visualization.

Robust Data Architecture

Plant an App generates well structured SQL databases that can be easily queried from within or outside the application using standard SQL syntax.

Powerful & Flexible Business Logic

Composable workflows that can be built using any combination of 200+ actions available in Plant an App, including scripting in various popular languages.

Plant an App speaks more languages than any other low-code platform.

There's no such thing as hitting a wall

Plant an App is both a no-code and a low-code platform simultanously. No-code provides the versatility for anyone to be able to quickly build web apps, while low-code provides the ability to achieve anything through code.

We support not one, but many programming languages, tools and cloud services.

JavaScript / C# / SQL / Powershell / Razor / AWS / Azure / Git /
Loan Calculator

Just one of the many ways to use custom code

Integrate Anything

A powerful and flexible integration suite

From API Builder to various integration tools, Plant an App allows you to quickly integrate any system through APIs, FTP, Web Crawling, Javascript or .Net libraries and more. Many integrations, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Firebase, are built-in and ready to use.

API Builder
Consume APIs
File Integration
Web Crawling
Email Integration
UI Components
JavaScript Libraries
.NET Libraries

A game changer!

It’s so nice to have a truly one-stop solution that works with me, instead of against me. No more hacking on top of cookie-cutter code! With the combination of a brilliantly designed platform at a competitive price point, I am now a superhero with my coworkers.

Jen Sharp
Jen Sharp
United States Parachute Association

Try Plant an App yourself

The easiest way to get started with Plant an App is to kick the tires yourself. It is free and ready to go in minutes. No installs, it's all online.

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