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Use Cases

The versatility of the Plant an App platform can only be described through the variety of use cases it can build.

Association Management on desktop

Association Management

A complex CRM including Membership, Events and Marketing capabilities and features. CEO Clubs were able to reduce operational costs and increase the number of members from 200 to 600 by replacing manual spreadsheet based processes with a Plant an App portal. Biophysical Society were able to replace 5 legacy systems (membership, events, grants, awards, and finances) with a single portal, which greatly improved onboarding and member experience.

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Enquiry Routing on desktop

Enquiry Routing

Previously the website enquiry form generated a standard email that had to be manually triaged and routed. This manual process resulted in enquiries that were incomplete and unactionable, and lost enquiries. The new form adapts to the context and prompts respondents for information depending on the context and their responses. Enquires are routed automatically to the relevant team(s) for a response. Enquirers’ details are automatically injected into the CRM where the inclusion criteria are met.

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External Regulatory Approval on desktop

External Regulatory Approval

Students who have placements working with children and vulnerable adults require government approval. The request for approval is submitted by the University and requires personal information that is not routinely held. Previously applicants to relevant courses and current students approaching a placement were manually emailed a request to provide the relevant information, responses were received and processed in a shared mailbox. This resulted in a high level of missing and incomplete responses, and without effective reporting, these were time-consuming to identify and correct. Now emails are automatically generated directly from corporate data for both applicants and continuing students, with automated reminders. The online form guides the data collection process ensuring complete responses before submission. Admins review responses and can return them if additional information is required. The Admin dashboard provides end-to-end visibility and custom report generator. Previously the process of securing approval for the >1000 students took up to 3 months and had to begin while candidates were still applying for their course. The new process is so efficient that it can be completed in the weeks between candidates becoming students and their course starting.

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External Examiner Nomination and Reporting on desktop

External Examiner Nomination and Reporting

External Examiners are appointed to review courses for two years which can be extended once and exceptional twice. Nominations and extensions pass a 3-stage approval process, from the department through the faculty to the University's Quality Assurance Committee, before being offered to the nominee. Once accepted the external examiner must submit a report for each course in their nomination once a year. The department submits a response to the report and the Quality Assurance Committee considers all reports and responses. The system manages the complete nomination lifecycle from draft, through approvals to expiration. The nominations dashboard, security trimmed to the user’s department and role, shows the progress of each nomination highlighting those requiring action. On approval, examiners are invited to create an account. Once logged in they are guided to draft and submit reports for the relevant courses. Departmental contacts are notified of submitted reports and prompted for responses. The reports dashboard provides, security trimmed, access to reports and aggregate reporting.

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Federal Health Grants System on desktop

Federal Health Grants System

Federal Health Grants System administers annual grants to fund new residency positions at graduate medical education (GME) programs throughout California. Federal Health Grants System dedicates voter-approved to train physicians and help California address its growing physician shortage; which, in a 2017 study by the California Future Health Workforce Commission, is estimated to reach a 10,500-clinician shortfall by 2030. Awardees are selected based on their ability to support and expand the physician workforce to meet the demands of California’s diverse and growing patient population, with a focus on medically underserved populations.

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Rapid prototyping to empower employees on desktop

Rapid prototyping to empower employees

WNS is a leading business process outsourcing company based in Mumbai, India, with 60 delivery centres worldwide. The company helps enact business transformation across a range of industries, including procurement and banking. <br><br> Kulashekharan Srinivasa Ragavan, Director, Procurement Product Management &amp; Digital Transformation Leader of WNS, says that: 'Our choice of going to a low-code technology was natural, I would say. We were previously investing a significant amount of time building the product from ground up. This included spending time building workflow management and integration, which are all needed, but essentially just catch-up. What you accomplish on top of those things is the real product; something potentially domain-led that brings value. We get from zero to that value much faster with low-code - that's primarily been our driver for adopting low-code technology.' <br><br> By partnering with Plant an App, the WNS team could build applications and integrations faster than ever, meaning they could focus on delivering domain-led business value to their customers.

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