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In control of how you work

Ever wanted to get rid of your excel sheets and have proper software? Or wanted to create a proof of concept quickly (as in today) yourself? Now you can. Thanks to our beautifully designed platform, you transform ideas into working software. 

Accountants building Contract Software

Sales Leaders building commission tools

HR Portals built, edited and ran by HR Officers

Data management tools created by Analysts

We score a 9.2 out of 10

Infotech champion

Infotech Champion

Verified reviews all over the world put Plant an App at the top. Thanks to the beautiful UI and our professional & friendly team, we rank #1

All the web application building features, in one place, nicely integrated.

You don't need to be a developer

All the features packed in a comprehensive UI, working seemlessly together. Create applications with confidence with amazing speed.

Watch our Patrick build an app

Patrick is one of the team that is always helping customers. His super powers: understanding what you want, need and transforming that in applications. 

This video is a bit longer (15 minutes) but it really shows how Plant an App works. 


Integrate with with your systems

Plant an App has many ways to connect to your current software set up. 

  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft

Just to name a few softwares youll be able to intergrate with. You can find more here:


Automate your manual tasks

Who doesn't love automation? It ensures that all necessary steps are taken at the right time. In Plant an App there are lots of triggers available for you that can initiate the automation. Whether it is a daily routine of someone created an account, or even an database change from a connected application.

Find out about more features here:

Contract Management

Contract Management

Contract Management solution designed to integrate with legacy apps and focused on contracts generation, dynamic approval process, dashboard and reporting capabilities.

Invoice Processing

Invoice Processing

The Automated Invoice Processing solution within the Finance departments is using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and is designed to provide rapid integration with existing systems (Finance ERP).

Partner Portal

Partner Portal

The system is used by partners to keep track of their yearly amounts that are spent. The system also has a quick overview for the admin users to see everything that is happening in the platform

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