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Features of a full blown platform

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As we are aiming for the top, we stop at nothing to offer the best and most complete set of features that accelerate the development of software. If you feel we missed out on something, don't hestitate to reach out. 



Entities are the heart of any application. Entities are what developers would call tables. So, it is used to store or retrieve data. But there is more. We created an interface that not only speeds up the process of creating or editing tables, we made it safe to use. Not a developer? Not a problem. Plant an App does all the heavy lifting for you. 



Workflows are a series of actions that are initiated on certain triggers or context. For instance, a download brochure - button could trigger a workflow that creates a PDF, starts a download and updates an external CRM using an API. 

Plant an App Workflows:

  • No limit on the number of actions used
  • 100+ built-in actions
  • Connected directly with your own entities 
  • Drag & Drop UI for best comprehension


Who doesn't love automation? It ensures that all necessary steps are taken at the right time. In Plant an App there are lots of triggers available for you that can initiate the automation. Whether it is a daily routine of someone created an account, or even an database change from a connected application. As there is too much to tell about automation, a couple of highlights:


  • App events 
  • User events
  • Database events 
  • Timers 


  • 100+ built in actions
  • Sending mails, generating users
  • Executing code like SQL, Razor, Javascript, API methods
AI assitant

AI assistant

Writing your own SQL has never been easier with our AI assistant. Use your own words and the SQL will be created for you. 

It can even make suggestions to improve your own code.



In Plant an App you can put anything in a token. With hundreds of built-in tokens, you are off to a great start. Whether it is about user properties or context like roles, dates, or anything regarding the application: we've got you covered.

But there is more. Tokens can contain static text but also a query. Or code. Or a series of code. There is no thinking inside the box. There is no hitting a wall. There is no limit.



As we live in a connected world, the importance of API's has grown tremendously. With Plant an App you build API's faster than ever. Seasoned developers are ecstatic when they find out we did not compromise on the quality or security. 

Other Key Features


Powerful Search function

And when we say very powerful we mean business. You control what is crawled and how it looks. How fuzzy the search is, what filters are, the ranking...and even external datasources. Yes, that's right: index multiple sources, combine the results and rank whatever fits your needs. Try that with any other no-code / low-code platform.



We all love dashboards. It provides us with all relevant information in a blink of an eye. Plant an App comes with dashboards by default and they are all customizable to your needs. Just select which data you want and save. 


UI Builder

A platform is only successful when it's used. Plant an App is designed to make your software simply beautiful, It is intuitive and easy to use. Not just by how it looks, also how it works. Now you can make software that looks as good as it works. 

Page Builder

Page Builder

Control how your application looks without having the need to know about HTML or CSS. Drag, drop, and customise your pages, with all the functionality of your software built in. 


One Click Updates

Updates might be one of the biggest reasons why software falls behind, gets outdated and gets vulnerable. That's why we made this part of the application as simple as we could imagine, one click and you are done. Plant an App also checks itself to see if everything is actually ready for the update. 



Form Builder

Quickly and intuitively create forms for your users and customers to use. Everything from complex insurance forms, to simple account creation, Plant an App's built in core functionality allows you to build complex and porerful forms. 

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