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Why Low-Code

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Why low-code

There are multiple trends in the world that require a different way of building applications. And these trends are not about to hold back. Low-code development has empowered both individuals and large corporations to develop their own solutions.

  • Faster than ever before.
  • In total control
  • Very cost effective
  • With the rise of the citizen developer

Faster digital transformation

In whatever phase your business, your industry or your country is in: either you are in the midst of digital transformation or you will be. This brings us a lot of efficiency and a better quality of life and we are just getting started. But to get there is a lot of work. Much more work than we can handle, if we keep on doing things the way we have always done.

Low-code enables you to develop much faster while keeping control. As a bonus development costs are significantly lower. 

Ever Changing

A volatile, ever changing world

Today's world has lots of opportunities. We can do business with anyone on the planet, with or without travelling. There are more start ups than ever, we have revolutions in renewable energy, in the finance industry...everywhere you look, there is a lot going on. If we stick with the current way of IT development, software is already legacy when it's launched.

Low-code provides a faster go-to-market and has the agility to respond quickly to opportunities, improvements and compliance.

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Solving the shortage of developers

Developing software is pretty specialized work. You need highly educated people with the right amount of experience and preferably with talent. The last decades these talents  were not easy to come by. And as the digital transformation was gaining momentum, the shortage of developers grew exponentially. 

Instead of getting more people to study IT, we feel it is smarter to make application development so easy that anyone could do it. 

Mandatory for this, is a tool that looks comprehensive and puts business users in the driving seat. We have now a wide variety of users creating applications with Plant an app. We already have insurance managers, application managers, marketeers and many more. 

So why low-code?

Well we could go on, but that won't get things done. It's time to take action and take your organisation into development bliss, minimal backlogs, hitting project delivery dates, and making your customers happy. 

Try our platform or reach out to us today. 

Key Benefits to Low-Code

20x faster

Rapid Solution Design

Streamlined creation tools and a host of pre-built templates make Plant an App’s platform the perfect way to bring your applications to market – fast. Enterprise-wide solutions can be built in a matter of days.

smart APIs

Integrate Anything

While other software tools often only work in silos, the Plant an App platform can perform as a fully-integrated, swiss-army knife of software development. It can be the heart or the hub of your architecture.

Accelerate & Democratize

Easier Collaboration

Everyone can work with Plant an App. There is an easy to use interface for business users but also room to code for developers. No downloads, no complex setups, just work together online and innovate with Plant an App.

Strategic Planning

Reduced Maintenance Burden

Developers spend too much time on trivial work. With Plant an App you can remove many maintenance burdens and focus on critical development and security tasks.