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The fastest way to build powerful web apps

Anyone can build, from business users to professional developers, using our
sophisticated platform that is both no-code and low-code

Plant an App is a Strategic decision

Business Leaders

Adapt quickly at a fraction of the cost

Business Leaders adopt Plant an App as a framework for competitive advantage and business value.

  • Execute digital strategies much faster

  • Reduce costs with manual operations between disparate systems

  • Incrementally improve customer experience at a fast pace

  • Empower business users to transform their knowledge into software

  • Improve data consistency and availability across systems

  • Significanly reduce software development and maintenance costs

  • Adapt instantly as the market conditions change

Technical Leaders

Low-Code is the biggest thing since Agile

Technical Leaders and Product Managers adopt Plant an App as a strategic development paradigm in order to address a broad array of challenges

  • Build MVPs much faster and with less resources

  • Iterate much faster through the backlog

  • Rapidly respond to changes in business requirements

  • Reduce technical debt

  • Reduce software development complexity

  • Enable a much larger workforce to contribute to the development

  • Solve the scarcity of IT talent

Plant an App gets the job done. Guaranteed.

From customer portals to internal tools & intranets

The versatility of the Plant an App platform can only be described through the variety of use cases it can build across sectors.

Why Plant an App?

Pathway 1

Best interface

For business users as well as developers. Powerful but very easy on the eyes

Pathway 3

Best pricing model

No extra costs for extra users. Simply unlimited. Also when it comes to just 1 app.

Pathway 2

No limits

There is no hitting a wall for developers. We tried. Not going to happen. 

Pathway 4

Unique features

  • Completely online
  • 1-click upgrade
  • Most advanced search

Check out all features 

don't take our word for it

Try it yourself! It's free.

30 days of unlimited trial and testing. We know you'll succeed. Need help? We're just a mouse click away.

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