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Low-code for CIOs

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Why Plant an App is the answer to todays challenges

To say we live in interesting times, might be an understatement. The world is moving faster than ever and IT keeps on playing a major part. It means opportunities but also some serious challenges. 

Developer Circle

Shortage of developers

  • Last 2 decades there was a tremendous lack of software developers. This will amplify for at least 20 years.
  • It is the nr. 1 problem for companies and institutions to reach their goals.
Digital Transformation

Growth of digitalization

  • Every company and institution is digitalizing processes.
  • Available IT jobs are scattered and not where we want them to be.
Advance your Career

Mismatch workforce

  • Employees over 50 years old: less than 50% is digitally literate.
  • What students learn in schools or at universities is not what we need.

Plant an App is a Strategic decision

Where most low-code platforms focus solely on faster development, Plant an App aims for democratization of development. The result is a platform that is so easy to work with, you unleash an entire new workforce. Without compromising on developer features or security. 

Business Leaders

Adapt quickly at a fraction of the cost

Business Leaders adopt Plant an App as a framework for competitive advantage and business value.

  • Execute digital strategies much faster

  • Reduce costs with manual operations between disparate systems

  • Incrementally improve customer experience at a fast pace

  • Empower business users to transform their knowledge into software

  • Improve data consistency and availability across systems

  • Significantly reduce software development and maintenance costs

  • Adapt instantly as the market conditions change

Technical Leaders

Low-Code is the biggest thing since Agile

Technical Leaders and Product Managers adopt Plant an App as a strategic development paradigm in order to address a broad array of challenges

  • Build MVPs much faster and with less resources

  • Iterate much faster through the backlog

  • Rapidly respond to changes in business requirements

  • Shared Source Code for the entire platform available

  • Plant an App can be the heart or the hub of your architecture.

  • Reduce software development complexity

  • Enable a much larger workforce to contribute to the development

Unrivalled support

As we understand the importance of enterprise applications, we offer unrivalled support. Easy access to our developers who are not only skilled in Plant an App but also development in general. And perhaps most importantly, we take our time to provide the best service. That is Technical success management according to Plant an App. But don't believe us, believe our customers. Their words are so much more valuable and something we are really proud of.

You are in control. More than anywhere else.

As an executive you have a responsibility to provide a business that runs uninterrupted. Before choosing any kind of IT, you need to be assured that the software is reliable but also the company behind it. Especially, when it comes to strategic decisions: it means commitment for a longer period in time. 

Plant an App shifts the market with Shared Source Code for the entire platform. As a customer in the enterprise plan, you get full access to all of our code. It provides two certainties that are of tremendous value.

  • If anything should ever happen to Plant an App, you have the code to carry on, without interruption.
  • If you need a specific feature or need it faster than we can deliver, know that your own developers have the ability to do so.

Trusted by organizations of all sizes

US Navy
Government of Bermuda
University of Strathclyde
Lee's Summit Missouri
Vail Health
Washoe County Nevada
Eagle Valley Behavioral
Biophysical Society
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
University of Idado
Mary Kay
CEO Clubs

The world’s top innovators use Plant an App to build external facing portals, intranets, internal tools, or headless systems. Our Customers ➤

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