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Sustainable profit

Taking services in agriculture to the next level.

Run your business the modern way

Agriculture might be one of the toughest business areas nowadays. Very competitive, global market and a lot of moving parts when it comes to regulations, opportunities and talent. In order to get a sustainable profit, you need automation, integration and flexibility. Low-code is the only way to modernize your business in a way that still holds up in 5 years from now. 

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Data driven

Agriculture involves collecting a lot of data, such as crop yields, weather conditions, and soil composition. Plant an App enables you to manage and analyze this data, providing insights that help you make more informed decisions.

Powerful & Flexible Integartion Suite

Streamlining processes

Plant an App helps agribusinesses automate their workflows and simplify their processes, making it easier to manage everything from planting and harvesting to sales and logistics.

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Plant an App allows you to build custom applications that are tailored to your specific needs. Particularly useful in the agriculture industry, where every business has different requirements.

Accelerate & Democratize


Automating processes and streamlining workflows means being more productive and efficient. Focus on what is more important or more complicated. Plant an App has hundreds of actions to automate your business.

Need a partner?

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We have partners in 4 continents. 

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As you run your business your way, we have no limits on automation. Hundreds of actions, unlimited steps and easy to create and maintain. If you want to change, Plant an App simply changes along with you. 

'having so many advanced options in such simple UI is no less than brilliant'

Complex approval

Grains Management

  • Grains price calculator based on storage facilities and transportation options.
  • Complex approval flow involving different departments
  • MTM and Sales reports
  • Automated client insertion into database
  • All your products features in one place
  • Easy to handle offer process
  • Automated approval and contract management
  • Dashboards and reports


Integration is part of any modern strategy. Gain efficiency and cut costs by connecting software. Create your own dashboards in minutes and have true insights. The possibilities are endless.

Ever Changing


Plant an App is built to be flexible. As we are developers ourselves we know what it takes.  Changes and innovation are a constant factor in todays world. Our platform is built from the ground up to embrace these conditions.

Change starts today

Show, don't tell

Instead of reading, you might want to talk. We are happpy to show what low-code has done for agriculture and how you can benefit too.

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Use cases you might find interesting

Contract management system

Contract Management solution designed to integrate with legacy apps and focused on contracts generation, dynamic approval process, dashboard and reporting capabilities. The application also integrates with a chat bot for offering a virtual assistant experience.

Enquiry Routing (IoT/Robots)

Enquires are routed automatically to the relevant team(s) for a response. Enquirers' details are automatically injected into the CRM where the inclusion criteria are met.

Transport Management System

Dispatching view for one of Singleton Solutions clients, which is a courier company. This company is delivering orders based on same and next day across Switzerland and neighbouring countries.