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IoT / Robots

Enquiry Routing

Previously the website enquiry form generated a standard email that had to be manually triaged and routed. This manual process resulted in enquiries that were incomplete and unactionable, and lost enquiries. The new form adapts to the context and prompts respondents for information depending on the context and their responses. Enquires are routed automatically to the relevant team(s) for a response. Enquirers’ details are automatically injected into the CRM where the inclusion criteria are met.

University of Strathclyde

In the first year the Applications:

  • Approx 6000 enquiries a year

  • Rule-based routing

  • Rule-based data collection

  • API integration with CRM and public website

Similar Systems

  • Online form and Integration with mobile app to capture student queries and route them to the correct departmental contacts

Enquiry Routing on desktop

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