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Federal Health Grants System

Federal Health Grants System administers annual grants to fund new residency positions at graduate medical education (GME) programs throughout California. Federal Health Grants System dedicates voter-approved to train physicians and help California address its growing physician shortage; which, in a 2017 study by the California Future Health Workforce Commission, is estimated to reach a 10,500-clinician shortfall by 2030. Awardees are selected based on their ability to support and expand the physician workforce to meet the demands of California’s diverse and growing patient population, with a focus on medically underserved populations.

  • Student & Physicians Onboarding
    • Grant Application
    • Grant Audit & Voting
    • Grant Awards
  • Internal Management system
    • User Management
    • Applications Management
  • Audit System
    • Review user submissions
    • Report depending on budget or program type
    • Application Verification
Federal Health Grants System on desktop

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