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External Regulatory Approval

Students who have placements working with children and vulnerable adults require government approval. The request for approval is submitted by the University and requires personal information that is not routinely held. Previously applicants to relevant courses and current students approaching a placement were manually emailed a request to provide the relevant information, responses were received and processed in a shared mailbox. This resulted in a high level of missing and incomplete responses, and without effective reporting, these were time-consuming to identify and correct. Now emails are automatically generated directly from corporate data for both applicants and continuing students, with automated reminders. The online form guides the data collection process ensuring complete responses before submission. Admins review responses and can return them if additional information is required. The Admin dashboard provides end-to-end visibility and custom report generator. Previously the process of securing approval for the >1000 students took up to 3 months and had to begin while candidates were still applying for their course. The new process is so efficient that it can be completed in the weeks between candidates becoming students and their course starting.

University of Strathclyde


- Mixed authentication: existing students use their university login; applicants are sent an

invitation to create an account (on completing verification checks)

- API integration with student and applicant systems

- Real-time reporting

- Access controls now allow course leaders to view the progress of their own cohorts.

Similar systems

- Collect additional information from applicants to evidence they meet course requirements

- Collect additional information from applicants where their fee status is unclear (i.e. do they

qualify for the lower “home” fees)

External Regulatory Approval on desktop

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