Plant an App

For Nonprofit Organizations

Rapid implementations of affordable digital solutions in the organizations where efficiency matters most. 

Nonprofits need a platform to call their own

We all know that when it comes to Nonprofit Organizations (NGOs), every cent saved pushed the mission an inch forward. Technology must not be a wall in the middle of the road. We are enabling technology that pushes nonprofits forwards on their path and accelerates the rate at which they can deliver on their promise. Build end-to-end solutions that include (but are not limited to) forms, business logic, workflow automation, dashboards, reports, and UI.

Improved Experience

Enabling state-of-the-art digital experiences for all parties involved, staff, volunteers, stakeholders, and the entire community of beneficiaries.

Rapid Delivery 

Delivering complex systems quickly, with minimum efforts and budgets, for incredible ROI. 

Streamline Operations

Reduce paper-based processes, automate manual tasks, and maximize the value of digital technology, while keeping costs down.

Working with High-Impact Communities Worldwide

Donor Management

All your donors all important. Keep an active relationship and detailed record of every interaction in the community and offer members a digital portal and a digital experience that will keep them engaged for years to come. 

Grant Management

Manage complexity and stay on top of all processes involved with accessing and fulfilling grant requirements. Build a digital framework to bring together and manage all your stakeholders, processes, budgets, on top of fulfilling all compliance requirements, including detailed auditing. 

Digitalization & Automation

Life is too short for manual tasks. Plant an App enables you not only to build a digital solution to replace manual, unstructured activities, but also to optimize and scale heavily to sustain your organization's continuous growth. Onboarding, Offboarding, Relationship Management, Marketing, Internal processes and any other topic that Nonprofits have to digitalize right away. 


We know, there's a lot you can do with the platform. But whatever your journey, whether it's that of becoming a partner, using the platform in your team, or just needing to accelerate your digital transformation, we're with you all along.

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