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A new era of education enabled by digital experiences for students, teachers, staff, and the entire learning community

Accelerate the delivery of education technology, accelerate learning & progress.

Traditional education systems have been forced to adapt not only to a new world of remote learning but also to students that are willing to make the most out of it. Education, whether coming from public institutions or tech startups, must now become digital, accessible, structured and scalable towards billions of humans.

Improve Quality 

The Quality of education in the digital age is directly pinned to the quality of the educational experience and the systems that deliver that experience. 

Constantly evolving

Knowledge is changing quickly across all fields as the volume of information continues to rise. Plant an App helps deliver solutions quickly and also enables rapid change.

Streamline Operations

We enforce technology to handle all processes that support quality education directly or indirectly to that institutions can focus on their main purpose: to deliver quality information.

Education Starts with Trust

Student Record Systems

Managing data efficiently is a key component towards success for any educational institution, on any level. Plant an App enables you not only to record, but also build complex processes and apps that work with data for an impeccably organized organization.

Graduation Systems

Without clear paths, the learning and overall academic experience may seem different from student to student. We offer the tools to build clear learning and academic journeys that will help guide students towards success in a predictable manner.

COVID-19 Symptom Tracking

Education communities are also highly active in terms of social engagement. That's why it's important to build and integrate systems that ensure the health of every member of the community. The COVID-19 Symptom Tracking Solution is a good example of a technological response to a real community threat in record time.


We know, there's a lot you can do with the platform. But whatever your journey, whether it's that of becoming a partner, using the platform in your team, or just needing to accelerate your digital transformation, we're with you all along.

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