Plant an App

For Associations

Professional Associations are now building apps to keep communities together through state-of-the-art digital experiences

Making strong communities stronger with the help of digital technology.

Your members are counting on you to keep the community together. Plant an App offers the right toolset to be able to digitalize and automate the processes needed to scale up your mission, while keeping all of your members united, happy, and proud. Whether you are looking to fully digitalize your core business or just automate manual processes, Plant an App is the perfect solution for every level of Association Management.

Improve Quality 

Improve the member experience in a unified digital system where all processes are simplified.

Rapid Delivery 

Deliver complex systems in weeks. Make changes, update and improve solutions within minutes. Take control of your IT budget and scale up in your own pace.

Streamline Operations

Reduce paper-based processes, automate manual tasks and maximize the value that members get out of each interaction.

Communities Built with Trust

Membership Management

All your members all important members. Keep an active relationship and detailed record of every interaction in the community and offer members a digital portal and a digital experience that will keep them engaged for years to come. 

Event Management

Everyone knows how complex event management can get and the worst part of it is that there's always a hard deadline to get everything done. Planning, scheduling, inviting, ticketing, invoicing, actually holding the event and all follow-up activities, for members and non-members, for staff and partners, this requires a digital system that runs like clockwork.

Program Management

There's always a new initiative to do and no resources to do it. Plant an App enables your team to be able to spin-off any new idea into a working software prototype and further, into a fully-functional, revenue-generating app. This can be easily integrated with your core systems so your community is already part of the new initiative.


We know, there's a lot you can do with the platform. But whatever your journey, whether it's that of becoming a partner, using the platform in your team, or just needing to accelerate your digital transformation, we're with you all along.

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