How Simplifying Technology with Low-code Helped
an Alert System Business Scale-up

Alerts Made Easy follows the story of an alert system platform. It's a storty of transitioning from being a small business to scaling up as to serve exponentially more customers from various industries, all thanks to low-code.


12 years ago (in 2008) Mark R., an entrepreneur specialized in design and delivery of custom web applications founded Alerts Made Easy.

His main purpose was to support businesses with an innovative approach. More specifically, Mark’s vision was to help businesses manage any emergency or crisis through a web-based notification dispatch system.

Using his strong experience in business development, he managed to build a platform that met this specific need on the market. In time the technology behind it turned out to be old and unable to support a scale-up for the business. 

For Alerts Made Easy Mark wanted something that could easily text, voice and email messages at the same time to employees, students, patients, customers. He knew he needed something different or even a person that could take full charge of this technology side so he could keep on focusing on what he does best: spotting new opportunities for the business, new features, understanding the target audience and its specific needs. 


If normally a business goes out for a solution when they want to tackle a challenge, for Alerts Made Easy everything started naturally, although Mark was constantly keeping an eye on the market to see what’s new technology-wise. Our CEO, Bogdan got to meet Mark while at a summit. Since the platform was already put in place the main focus was to find a new technology that could allow for a business scale-up. This is where Plant an App stepped in: everything had to be moved from a DNN platform to Plant an App. 

The real challenge was transitioning from traditional code to low-code. Everything had to be simplified, but at the same time to be reliable and secure. The whole process lasted around six weeks altogether with Twilio integration, UI/UX evaluation, security auditu  and the whole simplification of technology. As per roles, Mark decided to add value to this partnership through his business development efforts, while Plant an App represents the technology backbone of the business. 


Technology simplified by 50%

When the project was initiated, the Business logic was spread out in multiple areas. Using low-code we implemented workflows and APIs to simplify and consolidate business logic in the “Alerting Engine”.

A more reliable and secure technology behind the platform

On a workflow level, simultaneous processing of client workloads are now possible due to Serial workflows now running in parallel. A greater system performance was obtained due to implemented application analytics, while workloads allowed for real-time monitoring and notification to the support team.

Ability to better serve more customers

A seamless client provisioning was achieved due to new capabilities; this together with a greater flexibility in client configurations within a single instance of the platform.