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External Examiner Nomination and Reporting

External Examiners are appointed to review courses for two years which can be extended once and exceptional twice. Nominations and extensions pass a 3-stage approval process, from the department through the faculty to the University's Quality Assurance Committee, before being offered to the nominee. Once accepted the external examiner must submit a report for each course in their nomination once a year. The department submits a response to the report and the Quality Assurance Committee considers all reports and responses. The system manages the complete nomination lifecycle from draft, through approvals to expiration. The nominations dashboard, security trimmed to the user’s department and role, shows the progress of each nomination highlighting those requiring action. On approval, examiners are invited to create an account. Once logged in they are guided to draft and submit reports for the relevant courses. Departmental contacts are notified of submitted reports and prompted for responses. The reports dashboard provides, security trimmed, access to reports and aggregate reporting.

University of Strathclyde


- Approval workflow

- Role-based access

- Export to PDF, especially where nominations/reports are considered in a committee

- Highlight potential compliance issues, i.e. expiring nominations, missing reports/responses,

unsatisfactory ratings

- Mixed authentication, i.e. staff log in with their university credentials; external examiners

are invited to create an account (on completing verification checks)

- External users can manage their own account, i.e. choose, and reset their password

External Examiner Nomination and Reporting on desktop

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