Plant an App

For Healthcare

Excellent patient experiences delivered today

Extend your legacy systems with streamlined digital experiences and advanced systems for connected health.

Your patients expect and deserve better digital experiences that are also compliant with regulations. With an extremely powerful integration layer, Plant an App can enhance legacy systems with new modern patient web portals within days. No wonder we are becoming the leader in Healthcare low-code solutions.  

Improve Quality 

Improve patient experiences through web platforms connected to your legacy systems.

Rapid Delivery 

Plant an App systems can go live within days, thus providing the best value for your IT budget. 

Streamline Operations

Reduce paper-based processes, call center activity or the  no-show rate without massive IT costs.

Our Healthcare Customers

Patient Portals

Digital experiences for patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, fill-in intake forms, receive reminders and more. 

EAP Systems

Streamline the experience for employees to access EAP benefits. The system can be run either by HR departments or by EAP Providers. 

Self Assesment

Provide self assessment forms for patients in order to streamline the intake process, run profiling and collect data for surveys.


We know, there's a lot you can do with the platform. But whatever your journey, whether it's that of becoming a partner, using the platform in your team, or just needing to accelerate your digital transformation, we're with you all along.

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