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Plant an App is Soc2 compliant!


Plant an App has always been compliant, we have to be with the type of service we sell. Working with banks, financial institutions, governments and educational bodies, all very strict industries with the need for perfect compliance. But saying your compliant and proving you are compliant are two completely different things.


We`re excited to announce that Plant an App is now SOC 2 compliant. Congrats to our team Alex Neatu, Costin Marius Costa, Mirabela Mijea, and Robert Dima, for making this happen.

Thank you to our SOC 2 preparation partner Vanta, and auditor Johanson Group LLP! 

Thank you, EBRD, for all the support in achieving this!

As protecting our customer's data has always been our top priority, we can now provide more confidence in the processes and controls we have in place.

If you want more details about the audit, feel free to reach out. 

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