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Consolidate Your Marketing Software


Struggling to integrate and manage the wild sprawl of marketing software and customer data? Enter Plant an App – the most sophisticated low-code application development platform. 

Designed to unify

Here are just some of the reasons why marketers love using Plant an App:

  • Use low-code and no-code to seamlessly merge critical marketing tools, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365 Dynamic.

  • Leverage a repository of built-in features that make it easier for users to quickly integrate with almost any application or data source. 

  • Visual-rich UIs and dashboards make it easy to view your different marketing software; see the bigger picture needed to make data-informed decisions.

Three Layers of Coding

Why have just one layer of development when you can have all three? The trio of no-code, low-code, and custom code means there’s no dead ends for marketing teams looking to extend their software, or create their own business solutions.

  • Use as much (or as little) low-code as you see fit; the power is in your hands.

  • Plug in custom code to quickly design more specialised integrations and foster greater scalability.

  • Don’t just integrate software, integrate people. With no-code capabilities, you can break down silos between marketing and IT.

Ready from the get-go

With a powerful and flexible integration suite and library of pre-built APIs, you can immediately start merging your different applications. Plant an App even includes integrated marketing solutions straight out of the box, such as Salesforce, Slack and Firebase. 

Spend less time digging through software, and more time growing sales.

Try Plant an App

The best way to get started with Plant an App is to see a demo of the capabilities to ensure it’s right for you. Alternatively, start exploring on your own.

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