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Why Low-Code Will Never Replace Developers


Software engineers are wondering if they should switch to low-code or if this is only a trend that will pass in a couple of years.

Simply put, psychology defines our decisions (professional, personal) as being fear-based or love-based. We either choose something out of enjoyment, for making us feel good, rewarded (all under the umbrella of love) or out of insecurity, FOMO etc. (fear-based). 

In the realm of software engineering, until 2012-2014, things were pretty predictable and secure: developers and their skills were vital to any business irrespective of being a bank, a SaaS platform, they all required technology. 

Low-Code Job Market

Starting with the democratization of software development, this power was not anymore solely in the hands of engineers. The need for digital transformation, brought along the need for faster delivery of business applications.

This forced companies to search for solutions outside of this department that by then proved to have the experience, possessed the needed skills to come up with a solution: that’s how the first low-code platforms appeared. It’s been 6 years since Forrester officially coined this term. In this time both businesses and the software engineering job market transitioned from a trend to strong demand, from something exciting, rather cool to something mandatory. (Questions sourced from Quora)

 As for the last 2-3 years, the interest and concern is for sure there: software engineers are wondering if they should switch to low-code or if this is only a trend that will pass in a couple of years. Like any dilemma,  rather than being a black and white answer, the healthy answer lies in nuances and all the grey hues. 

 Transition periods can seem confusing and hard to navigate and some people will find themselves in a crisis: actors from silent films when the era of sound came, artisans when industrial revolution hit, they all somehow reiterated the same feeling. It did not mean everything they knew by then was completely taken out of the picture but used as a launching pad for evolution, progress, it pushed people and society for better. 

 The exact same thing is happening with low-code engineers. They will always be vital within any company, but the way they work will witness big changes.

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