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Low-Code Academy


While low-code will not replace traditional development, it has nonetheless emerged as a technological catalyst that levels the playing field for software development.

The rise of low-code development can be considered a response to the difficulties that currently surround modern business and IT. This includes a growing need for software that can react quickly to changing markets, address specific business issues, and even bring about enterprise-wide transformation. However, a shortage in trained developers means that businesses and organisations across various sectors are searching for ways to develop their own applications. For many, the search ends with low-code.

Low-code’s visual and intuitive approach empowers both developers and non-developers alike to rapidly create their own applications and innovate continuously. While low-code may not entirely replace traditional development, it has nonetheless emerged as a technological catalyst that levels the playing field for software development.

If you are familier with low-code and want to access the free academy straight away click here.

Whos is Low-code for? 

The range of users who can benefit from low-code is vast. Low-code provides the tools to rapidly create software solutions without a knowledge of complex coding languages. The following is just a snapshot of some of the user roles that can be elevated through low-code:

  • Software Developers: Low-code complements regular coding, providing skilled developers with a broader toolset to design quickly and without limitations.
  • Business Analysts/Users: Those at the forefront of a project’s direction are empowered to create their own solutions and bolster productivity. For example, product managers can greatly benefit from low-code’s ability to accelerate design stages and create time-saving, automated workflows.
  • Citizen Developers: For professionals operating between the realms of business and technology, low-code provides the tools you need to create working software solutions fast.
  • Financial Services: Being able to develop in-house applications is particularly valued by sectors (such as finance) that deal with large volumes of sensitive customer data. 
  • IT Leaders and Administrators: Low-code is not only for those involved in the creation process; it also facilitates effective software maintenance, data governance, frictionless deployments, and other important tasks.

Those with an Idea: low-code supports anyone who is willing to embrace the “low-code mindset” and innovate without restrictions – no matter their job title or technical experience.

Plant an App's Low-code Academy

At the heart of low-code lies empowerment, giving both business users and professional developers the autonomy to design bespoke solutions. However, one potential obstacle to low-code can be a lack of education. This is why we have introduced our own Low-Code Academy: a place where users of varying abilities can progress as Low-Code Developers and explore the new generation of software development. And best of all? It’s entirely free.

This open resource includes eight hours of course material, complete with interactive modules to help refine your abilities. In addition to learning valuable skills, you will also receive a low-code accreditation for completing the course. You can even build a fully functioning app to showcase your newfound talents.

There is a wealth of other low-code development content too, including regularly uploaded videos and deep-dives into low-code creation, providing advanced tips to make the most of Plant an App’s platform.  This means that even developers already familiar with low-code tools can gain new insights. Our linked Community Portal is also the perfect place to share knowledge and learn from other skilled low-code users, with your voice potentially shaping the future of the platform. 

To Access, just click the register button on the following Low-Code Academy Link:


Why are we offering this service? 

You may be wondering why we are offering so much educational content free of charge. The answer is simple: at Plant an App, we want to empower people to design their own digital solutions. All in the shortest time possible. 

While low-code is often labelled as being a disruptor, we prefer to see it as an enabler. Plant an App’s community seeks to embody this philosophy: that low-code is here to democratise application development and break down barriers to creativity. That’s why with our Low-Code Academy, we want to let people discover the power of low-code on their own terms, gaining the skills they need to leverage this remarkable software tool. 

Join our growing community of learners and experienced users today, and take the next step in your journey as a Low-Code Developer.



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