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Plant an App

Collaboration is key

Discover a low-code solution that can bring your organization together for digital transformation

A low-code platform to involve entire teams.

The most important thing about low-code is that it can help close the gaps between stakeholders involved in delivering new technology, new systems. Most low-code platforms, even in 2021, are still talking about business users becoming developers. We believe that all those involved in delivering digital transformation should work under the same team, the same system. 

IT Leaders

CIO's, Digital Transformation Leaders, IT Directors, basically anyone that leads an IT team and has to deliver software will benefit immensely from low-code


Enterprise Architects

By 2023, 50% of enterprises will adopt at least one Low-Code Application Platform as a strategic IT solution. Gartner said it, we're here to help Architects find the best path for low-code adoption


Product Managers

Plant an App works best for people that have an end-goal in mind, a team and the right attitude. All other factors may change along the way and low-code enables not only fast development, but also fast change


Citizen Developers

Business Users can easily get involved in low-code projects, especially using the No-Code, visual components to easily transfer their knowledge and requirements into functional databases, processes, workflows  and even apps


Low-Code Engineers

Software Engineers are the ones that get the most value out of low-code. Senior Engineers get to automate redundant work and focus on what matters. Juniors get to develop working, production-ready software in just weeks from starting


Low-Code Collaboration is helping big industries change


Delivering excellent patient experiences and enabling fast, agile digital transformation where it matters most


Delivering Digital technology to elevate public administration standards and community service at local and national levels


A new era of education enabled by digital experiences for students, teachers, staff, and the entire learning community

Associaton Management

Building apps to keep communities together through state-of-the-art digital experiences

How low-code helped an Agile IT team change the Eagle River Valley Community for Good. The greater good of Saving Lives by iimproving Mental Health

Vail Health Case Study follows the story of a hospital's subsidiary in the Colorado high country and how it assisted in making a difference when it comes to mental health. This is an example of how low-code technologies can have a real impact on people’s well-being by providing solutions to mental and behavioral health services.

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Amazing People from all corners of IT


Regardless of your role, your company size, your team size or experience, low-code will definitely impact your work sooner or later. Let's make it sooner.