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The number of potential Use Cases for the platform is as limitless as your imagination.  But some stories deserve mentioning just for the fact that they surprised everyone, even their respective project owners, by delivering amazing apps in record time, beyond what anyone would have had imagined.

Alert System Scale up

For: Alerts Made Easy

Built in 6 weeks: An alert system platform built on an old technology gets completely simplified and manages to scale up the business using low-code

Industry: IT, Communication Services

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Bringing people together in times of social distancing

For: Dale Warner

Built in 2 weeks: The fun and entertaining side of low-code and its ability to bring people together during a time of social distancing plus specific challenges for the gaming industry it can address. 

Industry: Browser Gaming

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Improving mental health using low-code

For: Eagle Valley Behavioral Health

Built in 10 weeks & Ongoing. Addressing a real problem for a local community: struggling with mental health. Building a platform using low-code meant to match therapists with patients in need of this service with a great impact on a city’s citizens.

Industry: Healthcare

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