Find a Partner

Send us a message and a brief description of your company and project requirements. We will make sure to match you with the appropriate implementation partner for your specific needs. 

Become a Partner

Embark on a journey to become a Plant an App partner. We are at your side all the way, with dedicated training, sales & marketing resources, and, of course, technical support based on your and your clients needs. 

Why Become a partner?

Growing our Partner Network at the speed of low-code

The demand for low-code is growing at a rapid rate and we are always ahead of it. Plant an App license sales have grown by over 350% just this year and we're aiming to keep it up for the next 3-5 years. This is the perfect time to become a low-code agency.

Strong Community

As our partner network grows, so does the Plant an App Community. We are here to help each other and we have built the right mechanisms to keep our community engaged. To mention some, we have a Community Portal for Support Tickets, the Low-Code Cafe, our Weekly Webinar and the Plant an App Learning Center for documentation and product resources.

Constantly updated resources

Supporting you all the way

Community Support

Public forums to get help from the entire community. Even though the Plant an App dedicated support team is there to answer all questions,  we are surprised by how involved some of our clients, partners and users are in helping out. 

Global Support Team

All Plant an App licenses are covered by our Support team. No request goes unanswered or unsolved. Thanks to our Global partner network, we also have a Global support team with both employees and collaborators in all corners of the world, including US, Western & Eastern Europe, Asia.

Premium Services

Partners also benefit from Premium Support Services, as they usually have a higher volume of activities for multiple clients. There are options for Premium Tickets, that get prioritized and have a Premium SLA, and there is also the option for a dedicated Success Manager.


There has never been a better time to become a low-code agency. There has never been a platform as flexible as Plant an App, with an open partnership program that enables agencies to grow to their full potential.