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Bazinga Platform Features

GenAI Platform for Tech Consultants

Land More AI Projects

Create, test, and launch custom AI Assistants
for your clients in just a few days

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Boost Your Closing Rate

Impress clients with custom AI Assistants built live in minutes.


Easy for Everyone

Build with ease using pre-built blocks on the Bazinga AI no-code platform.


Endless Possibilities

From cost-saving AI automation to productivity-boosting personal assistants. 

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Build and Deploy 20 POCs per Week

More POCs mean More Deals.

AI adoption is crucial for the survival and success of organizations, as they explore countless potential use cases.

Bazinga AI accelerates the creation of Proof of Concepts (POCs) in just days, demonstrating ROI and securing budget approvals.

Deliver Even Faster with Pre-built Templates

Access 50+ AI Assistants powered by human interactions, process interactions, or even driven by AI.

AI Assistants Template Catalog

Getting Started is Incredibly Easy

Gather Information: Effortlessly pull knowledge from websites, document libraries, data lakes, APIs, and more.

Define Actions: Configure your assistants to generate documents, call APIs, send emails, and much more.

Deploy Anywhere: Use your AI assistant in a chat widget, on Teams/Slack, via email, or through APIs.

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